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MSE Audio's Included Brands

dARTS_Home_Theater_06 copy.jpg


  • dARTS digital theater is the most cinema true sound reproduction home system on the market today.

  • dARTS Theater (Digital Audio Reference Theater System) speakers are perfectly calibrated at the factory, then calibrated again to your specific room.

  • The result ensures true sound perfection, regardless of the room’s acoustics. 

Induction_Dynamics_In-Wall_02 copy.jpg

Induction Dynamics

  • All Induction Dynamics models feature the patented S4X crossover network, which produce the industry’s steepest crossover slopes – in excess of 30dB per octave – allowing for incredibly precise and natural sound reproduction.

  • The S4X design utilizes stacked inductively coupled crossover coils, taking up half the space of traditional 4th order crossovers, allowing complex, oversized circuitry to fit inside low-profile wall-mounted designs. This means Induction Dynamics’ wall-mounted speakers perform just as well as their full-sized, freestanding counterparts.

PhaseTech_Rochester_Theater_04 copy.jpg

Phase Tech

  • Phase Technology began building speakers 60 years ago, back when we still referred to them as “loudspeakers”.

  • Once they’ve decided on a new product’s concept, they use sophisticated computer modeling programs to assist in designing speaker drivers and crossover components, and the cabinet.

  • An extensive series of electronic testing in their lab and an anechoic chamber then follows. Once they are satisfied with the basic design, a prototype undergoes many hours of listening with a wide variety of different music. 

Rockustics_Rock_Series_30 copy.jpg


  • Fully weather proof

  • Fade and chip resistant

  • World known (Universal, White House, Busch Gardens, etc.)

  • Theft resistant and build quality

  • 10 year warranty

RSi_Casino copy.jpg


  • SoundTube matches incomparable sound with extraordinary design.

  • Their speakers are intended to look as good as they sound.

  • They create aesthetically pleasing speakers with clean lines and feature a variety of mounting methods as well as custom painting and color options to ensure our products fit in to any commercial dècor.

  • SoundTube speakers can blend in with your architecture, complement your layout, or remain virtually invisible.

Soundsphere_03 copy.jpg

Soundsphere Loudspeakers

  • Soundsphere omnidirectional speakers and speaker systems feature hemispherical dispersion and full-range sound, creating solutions for a multitude of applications and environments.

  • From offices to ice arenas, from conference rooms to convention centers, there is a broad coverage solution from Soundsphere.

  • The leader in omnidirectional speaker technology since 1976.

SolidDrive_06 copy.jpg


  • The patented technology at the heart of SolidDrive ® transforms any solid surface (such as drywall, glass, wood, or fiberglass) into a sound source.

  • The powerful SolidDrive directly transfers acoustic energy to the surface it’s mounted to, creating a large and dynamic sound field.

  • With no visible wires or grilles, SolidDrive gives you the freedom to have Sound without Speakers.

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